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How to get a Business Loan without filling ITR?

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Get an Instant Business Loan Without Filling ITR by Munafawala’s. However, there is a catch. The loans come at higher interest rates and shorter tenures. With many entrepreneurs wanting to build start-ups each day, the need for business loans is now more than it has ever been.

So, while there is no doubt that you will get a business loan for start-up or setting up your business, you should make sure that you file your income tax returns on time.

Tricks for Getting Business Loan without Filling ITR

Income Tax Returns serve as proof that you have a source of income. Banks and NBFCs use this information to decide whether to grant you a loan and whether you can pay your dues.

ITR serves two purposes:

1.  First, it acts as a benchmark for the money that banks can lend.

2.  Second, it helps you, as a borrower, get Business Loans at nominal interest rates.

You should make sure that you file your income tax returns every year to be helpful on these fronts.

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