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About Compliance and Legal Consultancy

Munafawala Compliance and Legal Consultancy services assist companies in the maintenance of the legal matters such as Legal compliance audit, Legal compliance solutions. One of the most important issues to run a successful business is to have a proper workforce management because no matter, what a unique business policy you are undertaking or how much effort you are giving to run your company, the necessity of utilizing the workforce in the proper way is incomparable to anything. Human resource takes a great role in the success of your business and if you want to get the best idea to utilize the workforce of your company to its fullest, you must contact A Munafawala Legal Consultants Firm, which is one the most renowned legal consultants firms in Rajasthan.

Once you are running a business, it is quite important to follow the rules and regulations of your country for the wellbeing of your business because following the law in the right way definitely helps you to enhance the prosperity of your business and to avoid any penalty as well. Just like the other rules, following all the rules relating to the implementation of man force is equally important and Munafawala Consultants is the platform that provides you complete legal advice and legal compliance management system and solutions regarding the recruitment process of your company.

It is quite evident that everyone would not have proper knowledge on the labour laws even if he running his own company and as a result of this unawareness, sometimes people make the mistake of violating laws. That’s why taking a proficient advice is quite important and once you contact Munafawala Consultants for legal compliance solution, you can be sure to

  • avoid any legal issues that can bring ill consequences to your business
  • keep your good reputation in the market

Our highly qualified Legal Consultants provide useful legal advice and solutions to solve your any problem regarding labor laws and rules. Thus, the legal consultancy services assure the wellbeing as well as the safety of your organization.

A large number of company owners face the problem of not gaining expected result even though they have a sufficient number of employees in their company. We provide the best professional solution to solve your every problem regarding workforce. As a leading legal consultant firm in Delhi, India, We assure that

  • You get the expected result from your workforce
  • Your company does not suffer due to the failure of using manpower appropriately

Munafawala Legal Consultants provides you the clear picture about the workforce utilization of your company. Hence, you will be to able to find out any drawback of your work process quite easily while getting proper guidance about how to avoid any legal issue regarding your employee recruitment and workforce management.

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Get consultation from qualified experts on legal matters relating to income tax hearing or income tax appeal.

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We help clients in filing of their GST returns as well as for all periodic returns under other tax schemes.

Compliance & Legal Consultancy

Munafawala Legal Consultancy provide compliance advice and assistance to Officers, Managers, Partners, Directors and Investors of law firms.

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We are leading legal firms in India offering Audit and Taxation Services of all types keeping in mind the need and budget of the client.

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All traders who earn turnovers in excess of Rs.20 lakh in a financial year will have to register under the Goods and Services Tax.

Yes, small traders can make the most of the composition levy in case their turnover is less than Rs.75 lakh. For certain special states, this limit is Rs.50 lakh.

The rate of tax applicable under the composition levy is 1% of the turnover earned in the state, with 0.5% going towards Central Goods and Services Tax and 0.5% going towards State Goods and Services Tax.

  • Establishment that supply services, apart from restaurants.
  • Those involved with making inter-state outward supplies of products.
  • Those involved in making supply of products that are not chargeable to GST.
  • Suppliers who make supply of products via e-commerce operators and are mandated to collect tax at source.

Yes, for clients who subscribe to our GST return filing package, we provide support for GST payment challan generation.

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