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Home Loan Vs Loan Against Property – What’s the Difference?

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If you want to obtain a loan and banker asks you the basic question which kind of loan then you often get confused with banking jargon such as home loan Vs loan against property or mortgage. Don’t worry, you are at right place to easily understand the difference carved out by Munafawala.  

How Home Loan Helps borrower and options in it?

Loan for home is practically providing finance for purchase of constructed property , under construction property, pre owned property, construction of your dream home along with home extension and repairs and maintenance.

Nowadays banks/NBFC have come up with facilities of balance transfer, Takeover, NRI Loans, flexi-pay home loans, home loan designed especially for government employees, home loans dedicated for army and defense people, pre-approved home loan, home loan top up for personal uses and corporate home loan etc. to sum up there are multiple options to choose from wherein Munafawala in jaipur works as loan aggregator with highest home loan amount with lower interest rate from Bank/ NBFC.

How Loan against property Helps borrower and options within this product?

The financial institution such as banks provides LAP to the borrower for business, personal and debt consolidation uses secured against residential or commercial property.

You can mortgage your property with Bank/ NBFC and get loan to fulfill your business needs such as working capital, plant and machinery purchases, business expansion etc. you can also meet out your personal needs such as wedding expenses, substantial medical expenses, child education etc. The companies can also obtain LAP and repay their multiple debts by the funds. Home loan calculator, click here

Now Munafawala in Jaipur helps you to get home loan Vs loan against property easily. Just drop your contact details at munafawala. It works as follows :

  • Drop Your Contact Detail
  • Munafawala Will Get in Touch
  • Understand Your Profile and Loan Requirement
  • Match the Requirement With Bank/ NBFC
  • Get Sanction Through Bank/NBFC
  • Disburse in Your Designated Account
  • Done

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