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Income Tax Consultancy

About Income Tax Consultancy

Income tax consultants in Jaipur are professionals who are subject matter experts in the area of income tax in India. Income tax is applicable on the income earned by a person or entity in India. Income Tax is regulated by the Central Government and the applicability of income tax differ between salaried individuals, professionals, businesses and more. Many persons and entities have a PAN from the Income Tax Department and pay income tax in India.

Income Tax consultancy in Jaipur can provide a number of services like income tax return filing, capital gains advisory, income tax audit, income tax consultation, income tax hearing and more. Persons earning income over a certain amount must pay income tax, file returns and submit tax audit report. Income tax consultants provide all services relating to the income tax regulation in India. Talk to an Munafawala Business Expert to fill Income Tax Return easy and effectively.

Our firm is dedicated to the needs of businesses and to achieve their ambitions locally and nationally. We work closely with our clients to interpret their personal and business needs, identify opportunities for growth and minimize the risks.

Get consultation on matters relating to income tax return filing or get help filing income tax returns. Get consultation on matters relating to income tax audit or get help with income tax audits only with Munafawala.com

To provide reliable professional services with integrity, excellence and confidentiality in the system of our firm to meet our customer’s individual requests. We belief in moral values and accept that there is no shortcut of quality professional services.
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Our endeavour is to develop bespoke trust with all our clients. We believe in advising the clients to cut through bureaucracy and to bring to your attention changes in legislation that you need to be aware of. We also intend to highlight new schemes announced by the Government that may benefit your business, as well as business interest.

Income Tax Consultancy

Get consultation from qualified experts on legal matters relating to income tax consultancy or income tax appeal.

GST Consultancy

We help clients in filing of their GST returns as well as for all periodic returns under other tax schemes.

Compliance & Legal Consultancy

Munafawala Legal Consultancy provide compliance advice and assistance to Officers, Managers, Partners, Directors and Investors of law firms.

Audit and Taxation Services

We are leading legal firms in India offering Audit and Taxation Services of all types keeping in mind the need and budget of the client.

How Do Tax Consultants Work?

Income Tax consultants know all about tax regulations under the Income Tax Act of India that individuals and businesses must abide by when filing their taxes. You can seek advice from a tax consultant over the phone or meet in person to file your income tax correctly. Apart from tax filing a tax consultant in India also offers assistance for the following:

  • Tax documentation
  • Filing e-returns
  • Tax filling for freelancers
  • Evaluating a tax payer’s legal and financial circumstances to determine his/her tax liabiiities
  • Completing tax forms like Form 16, Form12 B, etc. and submit them on the Income-tax website and send it to the Bangalore office
  • Help you make legitimate investments like life/term insurance, health insurance, pension plans, child plans,  and other tax-saving schemes by the government

Benefits of Hiring a Tax Consultant

Know about Your Tax DeductionsWith the help of a tax consultant, you can easily identify your potential tax deductions in a year and advise you how to make strategic investments to avoid any tax-liabilities in the future. A good tax consultant can advise you effective methods to save on taxes in the most legitimate manner and improvise your financial portfolio. For instance, if you hire a tax consultant in India, he would identify significant tax deductions from your account, and help you save hundreds or thousands of rupees by filing your tax return, in return for a small fee.
Saves TimeMost of us end up filing taxed at the end of the year. And end up making investment decisions hastily. It takes a lot of time and effort to ensure that your income tax return is filed correctly. So a tax consultant would dig up your financial portfolio and double-check all your income and savings before you can start file your income tax returns. They can also suggest you to effectively manage your financial portfolio.
Its Safe and Hassle-freeIt is always better to seek an expert’s advice when in doubt, especially regarding your finances. A tax consultant can maintain your tax records in the safest and legal manner without the need of you running from pillar to post.
He is also your Tax-AdvisorEven if you do not hire a tax consultant he can still offer you some tax advice. You seek updates from him when needed and do the leg work yourself.
In a NutshellAs you can see a tax consultant can solve all the financial queries that would otherwise be holding you back from making right financial/investment decisions. Whether you are an individual or run a business you can hire a tax consultant to help you in tax planning and compliance.

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Yes, you can file the ITR by visiting the official website of the Income Tax Department.

In case you fall under the tax bracket that is provided by the government, it is mandatory to file the ITR.

Yes, penalties are levied in case the ITR is not filed.

Salaried employees who fall under the tax bracket must file the ITR.

No, it is mandatory to file your ITR. The government get a complete record of how your income is distributed with the help of the ITR.

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